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Case Studies.

Case studies are an important part of GlobalBake's justification for the benefits that accrue to our users. They validate the statements made elsewhere and provide a point of reference from within the industry. Over time the number of case studies will be enhanced to support more of the good news that our clients are telling us about GlobalBake.

Increased visibility to key business data

Cowells Pavlova

Cowells Pavlova have been manufacturing meringue-based products for over 40 years and distributing to supermarkets and food stores.

As they expanded, the company found that their existing IT systems weren’t up to the task of providing the visibility they needed to effectively manage sales and customer data. “We were using (accounting software product) MYOB and expanding our business dramatically, but we were finding with MYOB that although it coped with some aspects it didn’t cope with everything we wanted,”

The full case study can be downloaded from here.

Improved customer service

Cowells Pavlova

Balthazar had outgrown their existing computer system, a specialist software package for the bakery industry they had implemented in 2002.

Two products were assessed as replacement systems, one of which was GlobalBake. After an evaluation process, Balthazar selected GlobalBake to replace their ailing system. "GlobalBake was a nice clean solution, well engineered and user friendly. Our impression was that it was solid and focused on being useful rather than just having cute features,"

The full case study can be downloaded from here.

Integrated Solution / Delivery Efficiency

Earlyrise Baking Company

Earlyrise use the GlobalBake solution to provide a platform for efficient and well managed operations. They were looking to enhance their use by automating the processes used by their delivery drivers. The mobile system vendor they chose needed to have a great solution and be able to integrate with GlobalBake to bring the systems together.

Earlyrise took the opportunity to extend GlobalBake’s capabilities by utilising mobile technology for delivery drivers, using the complementary services of Numeric Computer Systems (NCS).

The full case study can be downloaded from here.

Large Manufacturer

United Baking / Uncle Wally's

Tradition mixed with technology is the best description of New York-based United Baking Co., Inc. the manufacturing arm of the Uncle Wally's brand of muffins. While their muffins may look and taste like they came out of your grandma's kitchen, a sophisticated 24 hour manufacturing operation sits behind it all. In a 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility, three baking lines produce muffins distributed throughout the USA.

United had the problem that business growth was outstripping the capabilities of existing bakery software. The solution was to achieve detailed tracking of key production data with the GlobalBake production module giving improved control of production and distribution, resulting in improved profitability per item and per line.

The full case study can be downloaded from here.

Artisan Bakery

Red Hen Baking Co

Red Hen Baking are bread artists based in rural Vermont, they have carved a strong regional reputation for their artisan bread since 1999. A wholesale operation, Red Hen supplies a network of supermarkets and restaurants.

They had the business problem of wanting to improve the efficiency of their operation, particularly in reducing product returns. The solution was backing their time-honored production methods with cutting edge software. The results were a significant sales increase with profit margins doubled.

The full case study can be downloaded from here.



Breadcraft was founded in 1942 as a bakery and confectionery business. Servicing the local market has always been an important aspect of their business but growth required diversification into other product lines with wider geographic distribution.

With diversification came additional administrative load and hence the need for efficient processes driving a single integrated source of data. GlobalBake has delivered significant time savings for their administration.

The full case study can be downloaded from here.

Hispanic Manufacturer

Artimex Logo

Based in the heart of the United States' burgeoning Hispanic market, Los Angeles-based artisan bakers Artimex are poised for significant expansion. Their business problem was that they needed a clearer view of key business data to help prepare the company for expansion into new markets. The solution was GlobalBake bakery management to give more control over the business as it prepares for rapid growth.

The full case study can be downloaded from here.

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