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Demonstration System

In order to help you understand some of the facilities offered by GlobalBake we maintain a functional demonstration system for your use. This demonstration system is updated weekly with orders, payments and the other functions that a bakery typically undertakes.

Before you get too far into this system we recommend that you have a demonstration from us so you can better understand how the system works. Once you've had a brief look contact us for a wider demonstration of the GlobalBake features that will allow you greater usability of the system.

Download the GlobalBake Thin Client Installer and run live as a remote terminal on our in-house demonstration system.
Filename: GlobalBakeDemoThinClientInstall.exe Sized about 55 MB, Universal: 32 and 64 Bit.

Once you've installed the software run the desktop icon "GlobalBake Demo Thin Client" and log into the system with a usercode and password of guest/guest. You will need internet access in order to be able to connect, if you see error 14140 or 14141 then you are most likely failing to get an internet connection - contact us to resolve the problem.

We can also send you the demonstration system on a CD so you can install in your own environment if you wish. Contact us for a CD.


VNC Viewer

Real VNC logo

If you have a demonstration scheduled by a GlobalBake representative then you will most likely use the VNC viewer. Download the VNC viewer for viewing interactive demonstrations of GlobalBake. These demostrations only work when you are in direct contact with our staff and working to a scheduled timetable. If you want to work by yourself then you should download the thin client as above.
Filename: vncviewer.exe Size: 285Kb.

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